Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

When Aries woman comes in contact with Aquarius man there is a strong magnetism between them. She is passionate lover while he is calm and sensitive person. Aries woman and Aquarius man both get along well with mutual understanding. Aries woman: Aries woman is bold and attractive lady. She is gentle and caring towards her family and friends. She is possessive lover thus tends to be loyal partner. She may show her aggressive side to others.

She likes to dominate people. She is born leader. She has intelligent but unstable mind. She wants to conquer everything thus she happily takes part in all the activities.Aquarius man: Aquarius man is visionary person, he is equally intelligent too. He likes to gather information through reading and practical experimentation. He can be moody sometimes but he is witty and friendly person. He has better control on his emotions but while in relationship he can be affectionate and caring lover. He likes to have his independence. He doesn’t follow traditional methods but his own. He would like to use his intelligence to help needy people.


Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

Aries woman is also intelligent and innovative but she lacks the consistency. She may have childish nature. Aquarius man easily gets attracted to such intelligent but childish woman. She is positive and has winning attitude. She will support his creative ideas and cheer him up to succeed. She may become controlling but Aquarius man has enough patience to stay calm. He may feel annoyed by the possessiveness shown by Aries woman.

Aquarius man is much more matured and spiritual person. He can easily control the furious nature of Aries woman. She feels pity for the unstable Aries woman and shows his will to help her. He uses his intellectual powers to solve her problems. She feels safe and protected in his company. They both like to go for outings thus they can often enjoy some free time with each other. He neglects her aggressiveness but she may not be able to trust his friendly nature. Aquarius man also stays away from her which deepens her doubt on him. This can’t be good for their happy relationship.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man When Aries woman and Aquarius man share good understanding they may like to work together and solve each other’s problems. They both find each other enjoyable and caring. Aries woman likes taking on new challenges every now and then and Aquarius man can provide him many of such challenging tasks. He can also learn many things from her like her leading skills and ability take quick decisions etc. Aries woman and Aquarius man can have some problems to be solved if they want to be together. Aquarius man likes the childish and positive nature of Aries but he may feel rude when she shows aggressiveness. Aries woman likes his clever and friendly nature but his need of keeping some space can make her possessive towards him. With some co-operations Aries woman and Aquarius man can easily solve their problems.

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